We offer an extensive range of thermal imaging cameras

Active photonics GmbH was founded in 2000 in Villach, Austria. Within the following years active photonics has become the technological driving force for infrared cameras especially for fire fighters worldwide. In 2006 the first helmet infrared camera for firefighters was presented followed by the first IR  camera with digital picture capturing and live video transmission. In 2013 the next important milestone was achived in launching a proprietary infrared core.

The high quality of our products is either quaranteed by the ISO 9001 certification as well as by the competences and profound experience of our committed collaborators. The high grade of innovation is supported by numerous cooperations with national and international universities and research institutes. 

In 2016 active photonics was aquired by the French group GENETECH/LEADER, a worlwide leading group in the fields of products and services for firefighters and search& rescue.

Active photonics develops and manufactures all products in Villach, Austria and the company is managed by Thierry Delerue and Dr. Erhard Ogris since 2016.


For over 35 years, with profound commitment to service, professionalism and determination, the group's companies have been working alongside our clients,

Our multidisciplinary expertise means that we are capable of offering a full range of high quality services with high technology products. We find the complete solutions to meet your needs.

One of the essential driving forces of the Group is innovation; it is based on a system of continuous improvement, combined with stringent validation and certification processes.

The GENETECH Group consists of 3 French companies and 5 subsidiaries:

  • BIO-EX
    • Leader GmbH (Germany)
    • Active Photonics GmbH (Austria)
    • Tempest Technology Corp. (North America)
    • Leader Latin America & Spain
    • Leader China

With this wealth of skills, the GENETECH Group has become an essential partner in the areas of fire safety and search & rescue.